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from losing weight?

How brilliant would it be to lose weight WITHOUT going on a diet & working out?

It is not only truly spectacular, but also 100% real! You can lose weight without wasting time and effort on diets and sweating at the gym – simply by using your mind.

The reason it works is because the brain manages everything that happens in our bodies. In fact, losing weight through your mind is the way we should all do it! It is by far the most natural way to lose weight, it doesn’t require strong will, there is no yo-yo effect… And you can eat all that delicious food!

Be careful – once you dip your fingers in this mind-blowing way of losing weight, you will not be able to stop thinking about it 😉

Go ahead and devour my mini-guide which will take you throught the first steps of weight loss through your mind. You’ll feel lighter immediately after reading!

7 Suprising Things You Should Stop Doing NOW To Boost Weight Loss

How to effortlessly lose weight without yo-yo - the basics of weight releasing

The old way of losing weight – weight fighting, is what gets us to yo-yo. Dieting and strict exercise regimes more often than not cause us to yo-yo or even ultimately – gain weight.

So what’s the solution to this problem? Check out the video.

Alex Tomaszewska - weight loss guide

Alex Tomaszewska

I help women around the world lose weight without loosing freedom. Clients come to me when they decide to finally solve their weight issues for good – looking for a successful woman’s solution to weight loss. One that is effective, doesn’t mess up their schedule and doesn’t turn their life upside down. 

My signature “Mind The Fat” program is based on neuroscience and psychobiology. It comprises a variety of mind-mastery techniques with roots that stem from China, through Europe to Hawaii.

Warning: I’m probably one of the most effective and fun coaches you will ever meet.

What my clients say after only 2-8 weeks

I feel more mellow and relaxed!

Also, my insuline levels have normalized and the doctors took me off their watch list!

“I put on the pants the used to be snug and now they are loose – I lost a couple centimeters in the things. My boobs are smaller, too!”​

“I noticed I am eating more slowly. I can leave food on the plate. I feel very good and happy!

For the first time in a very long time, I don’t feel bloated. I don’t even think about food.”

“I stopped focusing on food, it’s like I’ve forgotten about it.”

“I bought a bikini for the first time EVER! It felt so good in it I even wore it at home! I am more relaxed and I actually forget about food. “

“I feel good in my body and have reached my goals.

I don’t think about food, I noticed I eat more slowly and I don’t overeat.

I have stopped caring about my weight and I feel very relaxed.”


Is It Possible To Lose Weight WITHOUT
The Prison Of Diets & Exerise Regimes?

Absolutely! Women are doing it every day.

The traditional approach to weight loss has a couple of flaws that very few people know about, and even fewer people are brave enough to talk about.

If you have been following the advice of fitness and diet experts, you are probably under the impression that in order to lose weight you need to have a lot of willpower and follow strict regimes.

Not only is it not true, but it also makes weight loss harder for you! Find out what you should stop doing immediately to boost your weight loss efforts using your MIND!