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7 Surprising Things You Should Stop Doing NOW To Boost Weight Loss!

That have nothing to do with what you eat!

5 limiting beliefs that make weight loss hard

5 thoughts that make weight loss too hard

Do you often feel like weight loss is just too hard? Or are you struggling to keep the weight off? Well, losing weight might actually be easier than you think!

I read a well-being article recently that said that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. The mindset wasn’t even mentioned in this article! Not even 1% was devoted to the mindset, which – to me – is a big misunderstanding and also surprised me.

This is what the weight loss business industry has been telling us for years

It’s all about diet and exercise. Now, I’m done watching people trying to lose weight and putting a lot of effort in it. Posting sweaty photos of themselves on social media and photos of meals that look completely tasteless. When I think of what they must be going through, what they must be putting their bodies through, it simply makes me cringe. Because the effort doesn’t end there – it is endless. Don’t you get tired just looking at all that?

I have some people in my social media circles who promote a “weight loss” lifestyle:

  • Work out hard every day
  • Drink smoothies
  • Eat vegetables and fruit
  • Count calories

They tell you that you need to push yourself harder and that it’s going to be tough. And the worst part is, they look exactly the same after a year of all these efforts. What will these people do when they run out of energy to maintain that high-effort lifestyle?

I’ll just say it again: weight loss does not have to take effort. But, if your approach is that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise, of course it will take a lot of effort.

Now, let’s talk about the mindset for weight loss. By the way, it’s not just mindset that’s responsible for enabling weight loss, it’s also the stories that you’ve told yourself for years and that you still carry around. But that’s a topic for a different post.

Have you ever heard of limiting beliefs?

As you can imagine, they are the beliefs that limit us from achieving a goal or doing something. But they are disguised as facts. So, we tend to think that they are the truth and as such are unchangeable. We don’t realize that they’re just our beliefs.

For instance, a very popular belief is that you need to work hard in order to make a lot of money. The society keeps repeating that. Maybe this is also something you heard at home from your parents when you were a child. It’s so engraved in our minds, because we constantly bathe in this idea, that we take it as truth.

But objectively, that is not true – a lot of people have plenty of money without working hard. There are many ways to make money without working hard. You can win the lottery. You can be a brilliant businessman, or you can be well connected. Or very talented. Or have a billion-dollar idea.

Now, if you have the belief that it takes a lot of effort to make a lot of money, you will think that what I say is not true. And this is exactly how limiting beliefs work. They stop you from seeing the world as it is, from seeing the opportunities around you. And they make things harder than they really are!

It’s a very simple, super-powerful mechanism that rules our lives

It’s a very simple, super-powerful mechanism that rules our lives. If you truly believe that it is easy to make a lot of money, it would be easy for you to make a lot of money. Period.

That’s how powerful beliefs are. If you have healthy beliefs that are enabling you to achieve goals, that’s awesome. But most of us have hundreds of limiting beliefs that we’re not even aware of.

Why are limiting beliefs so powerful?

Great question. What makes our beliefs, limiting or not, so powerful?

To understand that, you need to understand how the brain works. It follows a couple simple rules that put together create great complexity.

Here are 5 rules which explain why limiting beliefs have tremendous power over us:

  1. The main function of our brain, developed millions of years ago, is to keep us safe. And by safe I mean ALIVE.
    There is one simple check if everything is all right for the brain: is my person alive? Yes – excellent, that means I’ve done a great job!

  2. The brain is always on the lookout for what it perceives as danger.
    In today’s times, usually, that does not mean physical danger, but an emotional “danger”. Yet, our reactions are still the same as they were millions of years ago.
    So your heart may race and you may sweat in front of a camera, which poses no threat to your life. Or when you are introduced in a new social circle. Or at an exam.
    But there are also other, more subtle reactions to danger. For instance procrastination out of fear of consequences of accomplishing the task at hand. Or self-sabotage.

  3. The brain wants to avoid danger at all costs.
    Danger may lead to losing your life (that’s what the brain thinks), and then it’s game over.

  4. Any change is considered as danger by the brain.
    Because after “change” there comes an unknown, and that again may mean danger. It is much safer to maintain the status quo – as in stay in your comfort zone. Most people on this planet live exactly according to that rule – staying in their comfort zone, with the same habits. They may be deeply unhappy while staying there, but still, it is safer than to do something new.
    The brain resists change at all cost and will do anything it can to get us back to our old habits. Like binge eating 😉

  5. The brain is egotistic.
    It only thinks about itself and always wants to be right. It cannot handle being wrong. Admitting that you’re wrong will inadvertently lead to some change. So the brain puts a lot of effort into making sure it is right.

7 Surprising Things You Should Stop Doing NOW To Boost Weight Loss!

That have nothing to do with what you eat!

That’s why beliefs are so powerful! They are rooted deep in our subconscious mind and our brains to all they can to make sure our reality is formed in accordance with those beliefs.
Fascinating, isn’t it?:)

So here are 5 limiting thoughts around weight loss, which make weight loss harder for you.

1. Weight loss is hard

If you believe that weight loss is hard, then your brain – which always wants you to be right – will make losing weight hard for you. Because if suddenly it turned out that weight loss wasn’t hard, it could mean that you were wrong. And that’s losing faith. And that’s losing credibility. And that’s a big change.

Nobody wants to be wrong. We want to be right all the time, we are very egoistic and so is the brain. So, when you have this thought that weight loss is hard, it’s probably there for a very good reason. After all, you still haven’t lost the weight, even though you tried. So, clearly, it’s a fact: weight loss is hard. You might be a little inclined to change that belief, but you’re probably not going any further than to say: “Okay, maybe weight loss is not hard, but it is hard for ME.” It’s the same belief, that weight loss is hard for me.

What if instead of believing, or knowing that weight loss is hard, you knew for sure that weight loss was easy? Do you see the difference in how that makes you feel? Isn’t that exciting? Doesn’t that want you to start losing weight right away? That’s how limiting beliefs work. Let’s go to number two.

2. Maybe I will just be fat forever

Oh boy. I had that thought and it was ugly. That thought is not just depressing, it’s also scary. It has negative, or heavy, emotions connected to it.

You can easily change that thought from: maybe I will be fat forever, to something positive. And here I would like you to think about what positive thought you could use to replace “I’ll be fat forever” with.

What belief do I want to have? Right now, you believe that maybe you will be fat forever. So your brain is going to stick to that maybe, to that possibility. What is another belief that’s not limiting you in this situation? I’m sure you can come up with one. And by the way, do not replace it with the belief that: maybe I will NOT be fat forever, because this is exactly the same belief. It means the chances are still 50/50!

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3.  When I’m thin, I will have to stick to a diet and an exercise regimen

Wow. That is a lot of pressure! I mean, isn’t it easier to stay where you are and have the freedom to eat what you want? Isn’t it better to have the freedom to not exercise? We, as human beings, want freedom. This limiting belief puts you into a prison of regimes, diets and routines after you lose weight. And the reason we want to lose weight in the first place is to gain freedom. So these two are contradictory.

5 limiting beliefs that make losing weight hard

You may be under the impression that you will need to be putting a lot of effort into maintaining the weight. And this is exactly what a lot of people do after they lose weight. Maintaining that weight takes a crazy amount of effort for them. After seeing them, no wonder you believe that this is what weight loss is going to cost you: a lot of effort.

However, this belief is a tricky one, because it’s also true – if you diet and go on a crazy exercise routine before you lose weight! Unless you maintain some healthy routines after you finish dieting, you’re going to yo-yo back. But you can skip all that and select a weight loss method which doesn’t require effort and doesn’t have those negative consequences.

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4. Obesity runs in my family

If that seems true, then what would it mean to you if you suddenly lost weight? There may be some negative consequences! Other family members may be jealous. We’re only human. I’m not saying we’re bad people with bad intentions.

Maybe other members of your family eat much more than you, so it’s going to be hard for you to maintain your healthy eating habits and routines when you’re thin.

Thirdly, you’re not going to fit in, you are now going to be an outsider.

So, just to zoom in a little bit on that picture. You’ll become a lesser part of this family. Or a big part, with all eyes on you, trying to figure out how you did it and watching whether there is yo-yo effect coming up. A lot of pressure!

Obesity runs in my family also sounds like “it’s hard”. It’s hard for me to lose weight, because we are genetically overweight. (You are not genetically overweight, there’s no such thing.)

And we’re back to point number one.

5. I struggle to finish things

This was the limiting belief that caused me to stop losing weight after losing 8 kg when I wanted to lose 10. I had a belief that I don’t finish things. And my brain was proving it to me over and over and over again. Also when it came to weight loss, I didn’t finish it either!

So maybe the reason that you’ve stopped losing weight is not that you have poor metabolism, but because you believe you don’t finish things?

After all, how can you lose weight and prove yourself to be wrong?

Next steps

Hopefully, these five beliefs, which are very common, have shed some light on your weight loss struggles.

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You’re going to realize one or two things about yourself after reading this article. Stop beating yourself up for not being able to lose weight and start looking for different solutions.

If you’re ready for a true weight loss journey, that is exhilarating, exciting, transformative and does not involve diets and sweating, then schedule a call with me, so that we can see which options there are to work with me.

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7 Surprising Things You Should Stop Doing NOW To Boost Weight Loss!

That have nothing to do with what you eat!

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