Weight Loss Wizard. Helping women lose weight without losing freedom, even if it has never been possible for them. I despise regimes, diets and workouts.

Before I dove into the wonder of the connection between the mind and body, neuroscience and psychobiology, I was an IT engineer. Towards the end of my corporate career, I got quite sick and couldn’t work for 18 months.

I gained 20 pounds, and then lost weight using my mind. While eating pizza and drinking wine. (BTW. Here’s exactly HOW I did it.)

Because there are three things I love: fun, food, freedom. The reality is we all love those things, but not all of us are sassy enough to grasp all of them at the same time without some help. Thank goodness. That’s how I make money!

A few fun facts about me:

  • Big time animal lover – show me a bird and there’s no talking to me anymore. Did someone say puppy?!
  • My sense of humor is greatly appreciated, unfortunately mostly by myself. Ha ha!;)
  • I’ve watched Dirty Dancing over 200 times. (You can leave now, I won’t judge. Well, maybe a little ;))
  • I am physically unable to do things that I don’t like. It is a true blessing!
  • Hmm, actually I could also be an actress. In my head, I’m a younger, more fun version of Miss Daisy. Or Gandalf.
  • I love cooking, especially indian food. I eat everything except for brussel sprouts – they are alien fecies!
  • I love magic tricks. Can’t do any. Apart from helping you release weight without diets, of course. Does that count?

Clients love me for being fast, wise, brutally honest (while smiling, I’m not a monster!), on-point and fun.

In my work, I employ the recent discoveries of neuroscience and psychobiology. The little known field of psychobiology studies the connection between the body, the mind and the spirit. And diseases.

Working with me is part learning about the connection between the brain and the body, part coaching, part healing. It is the blend of methods, my life experience, a neverending zest for knowledge and striving for excellence that allows me to get my clients spectacular results in no time.

I can only take on a handful of new clients every month – please schedule a free call with me to find out which of my programs is the right fit for you: schedule a call.

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