Effortless weight loss is just the beginning.

Discover weight loss as an life-changing EXPERIENCE.

No more wasting  time & effort!

Tired of the diet and yo-yo hamster wheel and scared to look at the scales?

It’s pure nonsense to build a career only to become a prisoner of a diet or workout regime. Kinda beats the purpose, doesn’t it? Meal plans. Celery. Spandex. Yuk!


That’s why I came up with a solution for conscious women, who want to lose weight without devoting their whole life to it. My Untangled framework!


And the best part is, you don’t even need strong will!

Right now all you need is to decide to stop following advice that doesn’t work and fall in love with the idea of weight loss being the most liberating journey.


Are you ready to turn your weight loss story around?

Alex Tomaszewska

Common  results


I have reached my goals

"I feel good in my body and have reached my goals.
I don't think about food, I noticed I eat more slowly, and I don't overeat.
I have stopped caring about my weight and I feel very relaxed."

Best coach I ever had

“I hadn't been able to find someone able to work with me for YEARS.
Alex is amazing!
She is the best coach I ever had!”

My insuline is back to normal

"I feel more mellow and relaxed!
Also, my insuline levels have normalized and the doctors took me off their watch list!"

My pants are loose!

"I put on the pants the used to be snug and now they are loose - I lost a couple centimeters in the things!"

I don't even think about food

“I noticed I am eating more slowly. I can leave food on the plate. I feel very good and happy!
For the first time in a very long time, I don’t feel bloated. I don’t even think about food.”

Quantum level healing to weight loss

"Alex was very intuitive and concise. I found that her advice was spot on. Felt an instant connection and felt extremely care for and supported. If you're ready for deep and lasting insight and transformation, I highly recommend Alex and her unconventional view yet quantum level healing to weight loss."​
Nicoleta review

Untangle  yourself

weight loss booster cover

Imagine you wake up one day, go to the mirror and realize: “Damn, I look good! And I feel good! When did that happen?!”.

That’s the result of untangling yourself from weight.

It goes away while you’re sleeping, working, enjoying life and social meetings, without you paying constant attention to it.

One of my clients phrased it perfectly: “I spoke to Alex and lost 3 pounds within a week without even changing anything!”

Naturally, it often takes more than just one conversation to release weight. It takes an Experience.

Untangled means

2-12 months

We decide on the length of your perfect Experience together after getting to know each other.

2 months: Mind-opening EXPRESS
6 months: Transformative JOURNEY
12 months: Life-changing MOONWALK

Weight loss is almost just a side effect

When you are tangled in heavy stories, they influence different life areas.
Untangling means looking into those areas and pulling various strings.
That's why you will see improvements in your relationships, business, maybe even spiritual life. It's a true transformative experience!

Spectacular results

My clients improve their health, prevent diseases, eliminate chronic issues, anxiety, build new relationships and increase their business revenue.

Is this the right fit?

This program is most definitely NOT for everybody.

I carefully select clients. Only those READY and EXCITED for this change are eligible for the Experiences.

Experiences are not for you if you:

Alex Tomaszewska

Alex has helped dozens of people untangle their weight stories using her unique methods.

She has been featured on Thrive Global, The Authority Magazine and multiple podcasts, including The Electrified Mind.

Alex is a certified Ho’Opponopono practitioner, has taken courses in leadership, recall healing, conflict resolution and currently studies psychobiology (the study of connection between mind, body, spirit and diseases).

Her mission is to help women create a happy life in a healthy body by eliminating the root cause for weight gain, diseases and low self-esteem.

Alex Tomaszewska

This is for you if you...

Experience any of these

Struggle with losing weight

Even though you eat more or less healthy...

The weight just won't come off

You feel that there is a barrier which cannot be broken in your weight loss, and it's been frustrating you for quite a while now. You have reached a weight loss plateau.

Exercise and yet

The weight just won't come off!

It's like it's stuck!

And no amount of exercise can move the needle.

Can't stick to an eating routine

You eat little, stick to your calories and healthy rules for days or weeks and then...

You sabotage your results

You end up eating a pizza, ice-cream and flushing it down with a bottle of wine. Or you stick to a diet for 6 weeks, it's going good, but suddenly you... quit!

Are "the fattest ever"

You've never been this heavy and it's scary

When does it end?

You feel that things have gone too far, and it's time to make weight and health a priority NOW

Have been chubby all your life

And you started doubting if you're ever going to lose weight

"Is there something wrong with me?"

No, there's nothing wrong with you. Your brain just thinks your body is perfect as it is. But you can change that.

Don't exercise

Because you can't, or you can't force yourself to.

And you feel it's stopping weight loss

You would like to let go of the weight and improve health enough to start exercising, or feel motivated and energized. Simply - happy to start exercising at a healthy rate.

And have all the below qualities

Experience prices start at 907 GBP/month.

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