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7 Surprising Things You Should Stop Doing NOW To Boost Weight Loss!

That have nothing to do with what you eat!

Why am I not losing eight when I eat so little?

Why can’t I lose weight, even if I eat very little?

We are taught a simple equation – if I eat less, I will lose weight. So how is it possible that you can’t lose weight, even if you eat very little?

How come some people are thin no matter what they eat, and other can count calories and eat balanced meals, and gain weight, as if out of thin air?

The usual answer would be: because they have different metabolisms. The usual advice for weight loss would be probably to: exercise more and eat food that speeds up metabolism.

But what if you don’t want to? Or what if it doesn’t work? What then?

Then, my dear, it’s time to look at where it all begins! The brilliant brain.

The brain that steers every reaction in our body. The brain that keeps us warm when it’s cold and cools us down when it’s hot.

The brain that enables you to use your hand, which consists of 34 muscles and 27 bones, to grab a pencil and write your name. And it makes it look easy!

Every day we use it to make 20.000 decisions (on a bad day ;)), and so isn’t obvious now that it’s the brain that steers weight gain and weight loss?

Here’s a quick quiz which will tell you whether your brain is in weight loss or weight gain mode:

The brain is responsible for making our bodies what they are

So, how does it work – why can’t you lose weight even when you eat a 1000 calories or less?

First of all, the brain is responsible for making our bodies what they are (fat, skinny, tall, short, symmetric, sick, healthy…), and it does work in more or less mysterious ways. Second of all, you don’t need to be a neuroscientist to use its incredible power to your benefit. It is enough to understand the rules.

There are many rules:) Today I’ll focus on three because that’s what your brain likes. It’s enough so that you feel like you learned something, yet not so much that you feel overwhelmed.

If I wanted to give you what your brain can actually process and remember, there would only be one rule. But I know you like to be flattered into thinking you can take more 😉 That’s one of the mysterious ways in which the brain works!

Why am I gaining weight when I dn't eat almost anything?

Here are three basic rules for weight loss using your brain

Here are three basic principles that you need to use in order to lose weight through your mind. At the end of the article I show you how we combine them and use them to “change your mind” and set your brain into weight loss mode. You will also be directed to my free mini-guide which will help you bring these rules to life in your own brain.

Only a cow doesn’t change its mind.

Rule number ONE

The brain does. It is flexible, it adjusts to circumstances. It speeds your heart rate when you run or have sex within minutes, right? It speeds up even faster when you’re in physical danger. It slows your heart rate when you’re resting, meditating, sleeping. Without any medicines, food, drinks – without you putting anything “extra” into your body, or taking anything away from it.

One day it may decide you need to have a bigger body and it will be surprisingly successful at growing fat tissue. Another day it decides it needs you to be skinny, and your friends start telling you that you lost weight even though you haven’t done anything!

The brain has the ability to regulate the body on its own.

The brain has the ability to regulate the body on its own.

And it has the ability to keep you thin, it’s just a matter of pointing it in the right direction – and that can be done in a couple of ways. In my signature Mind The Fat program we focus on two ways of telling the brain what to do :

  1. Through acquiring the right mindset
  2. Through releasing stories that tell your brain it needs a big body

For instance, you can read about the story which I had to work on in my own weight loss journey: How I lost 16 pounds using my mind.

You are not your brain.

Rule number TWO

Think about it this way – the brain is a supercomputer that you can use.

It’s smart, I’ll give you that – it has kept you alive all these years and it allowed humans to create the screen on which you are reading this magnificent blog. Fantastic.

But it’s not you. Most humans live under the impression that they are dependent on the decisions their brain makes. They live as if they were slaves of the brain. I’m also guilty of that, have you ever said, or heard a friend of you say childishly “my brain is stupid!”? That’s a sign that you are under its spell, thinking you can’t influence it!

We are the masters and the brain is a slave

The reality is – we are the masters and the brain is a slave. Most of us are greatly misusing our brains. For instance, we use its logical side waaaay too much and don’t trust the intuition. Let me ask you this: have you ever tried to make a decision and made a LIST with two columns? Maybe you were trying to decide on the right man for you (like Ross did in “Friends” when he was comparing Rachel and Julie…) or you were comparing job offers. Or anything else.

The list represents the logical brain. There is no space for intuition, heart or soul in a list. It is about the numbers – how many pluses and minuses are there on each side?

But remember what happened with Ross after he made that list? Julie was winning, after all “Rachel was just a waitress”. Yet in the end it wasn’t the list that helped Ross make the right decision (that is the decision that made him happy in the end) – it was his heart.

What can I say, I used to be a very logical person (engineer right here!) and listening to the intuition sounded woo-woo, but fortunately, I learned better. Using our brain to access our intuition and make decisions that are HEALTHY for us is only one example of how we are underusing this magnificent device.

Can you think of other examples?

You have exactly the body you need.

Rule number THREE

If your brain decided you need to have more fat – it must have had a good reason to make that decision. If it decided you need to be thin or almost invisible, you can be sure there is a reason for that. Your brain decides what you need and based on that uses it’s only instrument – your body – to get it.

Let’s go back to the example with accelerated heart rate when you’re in physical danger.

Imagine a bear with 2 cute cubs… watching you

Imagine you are walking in the woods and suddenly you see a bear with two cute cubs that weight 100 pounds, watching you. Momma bear does not look happy, to say the least.

You don’t need to do any calculations – you know that you are in serious trouble. Within a split second, you realize your heart pounds like crazy. That’s your brain in action!

It started pumping blood through your veins because you will probably have to run like the wind. Also, without you knowing, it has stopped your digestive system from functioning – so that you don’t use any energy on functions which frankly are not necessary at this moment. It has also started to pump adrenaline in so that you are much stronger than you were just a few seconds ago. You are breathing faster to deliver more oxygen to the body, too.

Why does the brain do it?

Why does the brain do it? Because given the circumstances, this is the SAFEST option. And the brain wants to keep you ALIVE. It is completely focused on survival.

Imagine you manage to avoid the bear encounter and are now safely at home. All the previous symptoms are gone. Your body behaves differently – you have a different body now.

This example shows short-term actions of the brain. But it is equally capable of long-term actions. Cumulating cholesterol, raising and dropping blood sugar, gaining or losing weight, chronic back pains, migranes – you name it.

This is why you can’t lose weight, and also how you can lose weight!

I hope you can see now how the brain orchestrates the body and understand why you can’t lose weight. Shortly: your brain must have a good reason! The brain, unlike humans, sticks to its own rules 😉

These three rules on their own already allow us to form a chain reaction for weight loss, have you put it together yet? It goes like this:

  1. Convince your brain that you don’t need the extra weight
  2. The brain then releases the unnecessary weight.

Oh em geee, this is so simple! Now that you know the secret to weight loss, you can download my 7 Surprising Things You Should Stop Doing NOW To Boost Weight Loss and start an exhilarating journey. Download for FREE below!

Destination: THIN.

7 Surprising Things You Should Stop Doing NOW To Boost Weight Loss!

That have nothing to do with what you eat!

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Alex Tomaszewska is a weight release wizard. She helps fulfilled women lose stubborn weight using their mind so that they can appreciate life to the fullest. Without the prison of diets and exercise regimes.
She based her signature B.I.R.D.S. framework on scientific discoveries about the mind-body connection and the most efficient methods for inner transformation.

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