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7 Surprising Things You Should Stop Doing NOW To Boost Weight Loss!

That have nothing to do with what you eat!

How I lost weight without diets or gym

How I lost 16 pounds in 3 months using my mind

This story of how I lost 16 pounds of weight without gym or diets, using my mind, will help you realize that weight loss doesn’t have to be a constant struggle.

This is not a story of how I started sweating my ass off at the gym, or how I went on a diet to lose weight. I see so many of these over the internet, always paired with an image of a plate filled with vegetables, or a woman in spandex at the gym! I could never see myself becoming that woman. If you can’t either, then after reading this story you will believe you can lose weight almost effortlessly. And, most importantly – permanently.

I will explain to you how I made changes in my mind to lose weight without breaking a sweat and without dieting. I don’t have a strong will and I hate feeling like I HAVE TO do something.

Really, diets, regimes, routines are out of the question for me.

Really, diets, regimes, routines are out of the question for me. But does that mean women like me can’t lose weight? On the contrary. We can, we just need to be smarter about it than most people. That’s why we have so much fun doing it! 😉

There is no “Save” button on weight loss results

A few years ago, I started being afraid that I was going to stay overweight forever. I had never been this fat in my life and I had never expected to be. I was afraid I was turning into my mother! Let’s face it, no one in the whole world wants that.:D

My (ex)partner called me a “cute, fat seal” (okay, I did roll myself into the bed cover like a pancake with just the head sticking out, so I guess I had my role in it…) and that day I had no choice but to admit it. Dum dum duuuum… I was FAT!

I wanted to lose weight, but I was afraid I would yo-yo and grow even bigger.

Have you ever done some work, forgot to save it and some glitch in the computer made you lose it all? How irritating is that? That’s how I felt about yo-yo. The problem is, there is no “Save” button on weight loss results.

After 3 months I realized my old clothes fit again

I chose a different path to lose weight and after 3 months of testing that approach, I realized my old clothes fit again and I lost 16 pounds (8 kilograms)! Today, I am very grateful that I had that whole weight gain experience because it has brought me to do something I love – being a weight loss guide.

How i lost weight using the power of my mind- Alex Tomaszewska

Before I explain what I did, I want to bring your attention to something. My weight loss story is just an example of how we can use our magnificent brains to dissolve habits, cravings, thought and behavior patterns, and transform the way our bodies look and feel.

Ever since I understood that simple fact, I have been using “mind work” to achieve anything I wish in my life. I also realized I had already been using my brain to achieve things – but I was utterly unaware of it.

Read more about our brain’s capabilities in my other post: How can I be gaining weight when I eat so little?

What did I do to get thin again?

I used the power of my mind – a brilliant tool available to all of us at no cost – to get the results I wanted easily and effortlessly. Most people don’t use it efficiently and have no idea about its power. I was one of those people just a few years back, too.

We know we can use the brain to do calculations, maybe even to change some habits. Find solutions to problems. Lead a conversation. Create and retrieve memories. Force ourselves to do something we don’t feel like doing. But using it to lose weight? Nah, that’s naive, right?

It’s not naive, nor is it crazy or unseen. Come to think of it, it’s actually the RIGHT way to use our brain. Maybe you’ve already heard or read about the importance of mindset in weight loss, but that’s not even close to what our brain can do for weight loss!

How I gained weight in the first place

I gained my weight when I was depressed and couldn’t work for 18 months. Sitting (or lying) at home for a year and a half, as many of us learned during the pandemic, is not good for the body. I thought the weight came from the antidepressant pills and hoped it would drop once I stopped taking them, but that didn’t happen. I stayed overweight after I came back to life.

I had never been so fat (even though 140 pounds may not sound fat – for me it was way beyond my wildest fears – each of us has a different weight story). My clothes didn’t fit me anymore and I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror without disgust.

My clothes didn’t fit me anymore and I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror without disgust.

I had to do something, I couldn’t live like this. I had always been thin and sexy, and now my clothes didn’t fit! I looked like a hobo, wearing sweat pants all the time (that was pre-covid, before everyone else started to look exactly the same. Call me a trend-setter!). 

Sweat pants forgive… but the material rubs off really quickly between the thighs when they stick closely to one another, and then you need to go shopping for the next sweatpants, dreading they won’t fit. Brutal!

I wanted to lose weight, but, well, there were a few obstacles…

  1. I would never go on a diet – I love food way too much
  2. My partner’s eating habits were pulling me in the wrong direction (for example we had pizza for supper twice per week probably, or more)
  3. I hate the gym and sweating
  4. I didn’t want to devote my time to it. The extra weight came easily and I believed it should also easily go away!
  5. I don’t have a strong will
  6. I hate routines, schedules and anything that takes away my freedom. Also, I find them boring as hell.

I had no choice

So, what choice did I have? I was “forced” to find a different way to lose weight than the old diet and exercise!

At that time I was at a careers crossroad. The minute I came back to work after my sickness, I quit my job. Without any plan. I simply couldn’t do it anymore. I started to learn about becoming a consultant and the course I took included intensive entrepreneurial mindset training.

That was a life-changing experience, as I realized all my life I had been a slave to my brain, when the truth is the brain should do what I want – not the other way around.

I immediately fell in love with mindset training and decided to test what I had learned on something meaningful. I wanted to see if I can lose weight without routines, diets, gym – using my mind.

As I was working on my new, weight-less identity, I realized that I COULDN’T lose weight.

And as I was working on my new, weight-less identity, I realized that I couldn’t lose weight. Because I would face a real problem afterward, a problem I didn’t want to face.

You see, at that time, I was in a toxic relationship and I realized I didn’t want to be attractive to my partner. Ha. The fat was keeping me SAFE.

So I took the next step and figured out a solution to that problem. No, we did not break up back then, I just had a PLAN on how to deal with it. I knew exactly how to be attractive and feel safe at the same time.

Out of nowhere, I lost 6 pounds

And as soon as I figured that out, I lost 6 pounds (3 kilograms) in 2 weeks. While eating pizza, fried cheese, and drinking lots of wine (I was on a road trip with my friend, so we indulged ourselves properly;)). It was as if I had freed myself from the weight that I didn’t need anymore for protection.

The rest simply followed – that first success gave me the strength to follow through and lose the next 5 kilograms just as easily. I could say no to the pizza whenever I wanted, too.

Just like that, weight loss turned out to be my way to freedom. I was more confident and happier, and it didn’t cost me any effort. Instead of losing freedom while losing weight, I actually gained it!

Which is quite extraordinary given that most people after losing weight have to stick to regimes and deprive themselves of pleasures. If they want to STAY thin, that is.

Freedom is the main reason for losing weight

Freedom is the main reason for losing weight anyway, after all. Weight loss should bring freedom. It brings more choices (like the choice of what I’m going to wear or who I’m going to date…) and takes you out of the prison of diets and regimes. At least this is what it gives us when we use the right methods for weight loss.

Do you dare to check if you have the right mindset for weight loss, and learn a few tricks? Start with a bit of fun – take a quiz!

Find out whether your brain is in Weight Loss or Weight Gain MODE by completing this quick quiz!

I never regained the weight, but after 2 years I realized I had kept 3 additional kilograms that I wanted off. So I used exactly the same process to lose that extra weight, only this time, naturally, I faced different blockers that were stopping me from losing weight. Again, once I released those inner blocks, my weight went away. Even my leggings started to hang loosely!

I couldn’t understand one thing

I couldn’t understand why people all over the world go on diets and sweat their behinds off in gyms when weight loss doesn’t require any of that. I was puzzled.

And only after being a confidence whisperer, I realized why even smart people put themselves through all this. They don’t know that there is a better way, because no one talks about it. And those who do know – simply don’t believe in themselves. No one taught them how to master their minds – they are the slaves of their minds. The only thing they were taught is that in order to get results, you need to put a lot of effort in.

But this can change for you sooner than you think.

Start using your mind to lose weight NOW – download my free mini-guide and feel the difference immediately!

7 Surprising Things You Should Stop Doing NOW To Boost Weight Loss!

That have nothing to do with what you eat!

Alex Tomaszewska - weight loss wizard
Alex Tomaszewska is a weight release wizard. She helps fulfilled women lose stubborn weight using their mind so that they can appreciate life to the fullest. Without the prison of diets and exercise regimes.
She based her signature B.I.R.D.S. framework on scientific discoveries about the mind-body connection and the most efficient methods for inner transformation.

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