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4 simple steps to avoid overeating during Thanksgiving

How to eat everything without overeating at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and overeating go hand in hand. Holidays can be a challenge! Especially Thanksgiving. The food on the table… Feeling bloated after every meal… The fear of not being able to stop eating when you SHOULD… And imagine all the guilt and shame of the next day? Food hangovers are the worst! So how to avoid overeating during the holidays and especially during Thanksgiving?

Believe it or not, in Poland, Christmas is three days of eating, and I managed to actually lose weight during Christmas a couple of times. So, I got you covered. Don’t worry about Thanksgiving, you will not overeat this year. Want to know how?

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Here are 4 steps you can take that will help you to stop overeating during this holiday season.

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1. Don’t let the fear of overeating drive you into overeating

First things first. You need to realize that the fear of overeating may actually drive you into overeating. If you have a history of overeating, it doesn’t matter. Change can happen, instantly. And whatever happened these past few years doesn’t have to happen again, because this year is different. So try to relax and trust yourself on this. Because you’ve got this.

Look at it this way: every single moment, something happens in the world. Changes happen within your body and outside of it as well. There are so many different circumstances and events going on in the universe! A human brain is nowhere near close to grasping them.

The blood flows in your cells. The lymph flows in your body. Your cells die and renew themselves. Your genes keep changing. All of it happens constantly, without a break.

In fact, the only constant in this world is change, it is impossible to stay still. So stop thinking that change is hard – it’s not, it’s happening as you are reading this sentence!

Have this in mind the next time when you think that this year will be exactly like last year. There’s no chance that it will be the same, because changes are happening right this moment.

2. Practice saying ‘no’ to stop overeating

Next point, if you have family members who always encourage you to eat more, or ask you if you want more, learn how to say NO to them.

How do you learn that? By practicing saying “No”. Repeat it out loud. Say “No, thank you” as many times as you need, until it feels good. If you need to – remind yourself again of the reasons why you want to eat healthily. 

It is important to not take things personally when we are offered food by our family members or friends.

So when your mom says “oh, you should eat some more”, don’t get angry at her. I used to get angry at women (did you notice, most of the time it’s women who want us to eat more?) who would encourage me to “have another go”. The more I wanted to lose weight, the angrier I got. Interesting, right? That made me realize I wasn’t really angry at them but rather frustrated with myself. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to refuse putting another portion on my plate!

But then I realized that I’m an adult and I don’t have to do what I’m asked to do. Super liberating!

You have the full right to manage what you put inside your body. So when your mom or aunt asks you to eat more, politely say no. And don’t get angry if they repeat it. If you get angry, that means you are not in control.

Eating healthy is not about fighting temptation.

The important thing to realize is that eating healthy is not about fighting temptation. Getting into fight mode is very bad for weight loss. Because if you enter fight mode, your body may start to gather fat for protection. So, if you feel like you will have to fight yourself and control yourself, it’s a constant struggle, and that is not a good mindset to start Thanksgiving with.

If you feel like you will have to fight yourself and control yourself, it’s a constant struggle

Instead, I would like you to enter the room in a completely relaxed state, thinking “I can do whatever I want”. Of course, this means that you need to know what you want. And hopefully, what you want is to eat healthy because you love yourself. These are good reminders why we want to feed our bodies with healthy things! And a cake here and there 😉

3. Focus on one thing at a time

During a feast or dinner, put your focus on one thing at a time. If you are talking to somebody, put your fork and knife down so that you can focus on the conversation and get back to the food when you can focus on it.

How do you focus? Take a deep look at the plate from time to time. Take a look at what’s disappearing from it and what’s still there. And from time to time… stop… and put the cutlery down. The food is not going anywhere. Have a look at the table and realize there is way too much food. More than enough for everybody. Imagine how you will feel after eating all of that food. How does that feel? Now spend a full minute here and realize what the feeling is going to be. You’ll notice that your appetite will drop immediately.

Ask yourself the question: Do I want to eat this?

Another thing you can do to stop you from overeating during Thanksgiving, is to ask yourself the question: Do I want to eat this? Be honest with yourself. Take a moment to notice the feelings. If the answer is yes, then eat it (whatever it is!) with joy. But if you’re hesitating, then stop for a few seconds and ask yourself again: do I want to eat this? Why? At the beginning of the feast, you will be getting a lot of yeses, and then more no’s!

Are you full? If you are, then it’s going to be very easy for yourself to say no and put down the cutlery. It’s a sign, not for others, but for you that you are finished. Mark that feeling and notice how good it feels. If it doesn’t feel good, it may mean that you’re still hungry. In which case, wait for 1 minute to see what’s really happening inside you.

The brain receives the signal about you being full later than you are actually full.

Also, do not put more on your plate than you’re planning on eating. Just enough so that you feel satisfied. Don’t stock up! You’re not going to run out of food.

4. It’s OK to leave food on the plate

Next rule to stop you from overeating during Thanksgiving: it’s okay to leave food on the plate. Even if your mom says it’s not. Your family is not the person inside your body and they cannot tell you what to do. If you were under the impression that they can tell you what to do all your life like I was with my parents, you’re wrong.:)

So once you make a decision that you are done with eating, it’s permanent.

It doesn’t matter how your mom will feel about it or any other family member. Again, they are not you. They are not the ones to pursue your goals. You are the one responsible for the choices to make, and accepting their consequences (both good and bad!). Right now your goal is eating healthily – allow yourself to focus on that. And I can guarantee, that in the long run, your will bring your family a lot more happiness by being healthy than by eating that turkey leg!

If you want to eat cake, eat cake!

You want to eat cake? Great, I love cake. It’s fine. Just ask yourself first: do I want to eat this? If the answer is yes, go for it. But don’t make Thanksgiving an occasion to show somebody else how well your diet is going or to test your strong will. Make this an opportunity instead to bond with your family. Make it an opportunity to eat as much as you want. As long as you really want to eat!

Last thought is this. To avoid overeating at Thanksgiving, start incorporating these tips into your practices TODAY. The sooner you know the drill to not overeat, the quicker you’ll feel absolutely confident about it. Let me remind you: you have all the power in you to treat your body with as much respect as you want to.

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