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7 Surprising Things You Should Stop Doing NOW To Boost Weight Loss!

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How to drink more water to boost weight loss

Super-simple tricks to drink more water for faster weight loss

Water speeds up weight loss, but how can you make sure you drink enough? Knowing what’s good for us doesn’t necessarily mean we are going to actually do it – that’s human nature. But water is such a substantial ingredient of weight loss that I encourage you to take another look into this topic. This may be exactly the thing you needed to read today to boost weight loss and energize yourself.

I will give you a couple of simple tips which will help you drink more water with ease.

First things first, you need to realize and remember why it’s absolutely crucial for weight loss to drink a lot of water. Simply put, if you don’t drink enough water, all your other weight loss efforts are much less effective. It’s as if you were riding a bicycle while clutching the break. Doesn’t it seem hard?

Independently of whether you are aware that you need to drink a lot of water for weight loss or not, I strongly recommend reading the following section. My approach will hopefully shed new light on this topic and already boost your motivation to drink more water!

Why you need to drink water for weight loss

I don’t have to say that it is very important to drink water for our organism to function at all. We need water more than we need food. If you’re stranded in the desert, you will die of thirst a few days earlier than you will of hunger.

So, water is the basic ingredient that you should be putting into your body, and really there is no almost limit to it.

But remember, I’m talking about water, not any other drink. Actually many other things we drink cause dehydration – for instance, coffee.

Water “makes things flow”

Moreover, and this is a reason you probably don’t read about often, water is necessary for weight loss because it “makes things flow”. Now, there are two parts to this statement.

Water is a natural lubricant

First of all, water moisturizes you from within allowing food to go down your throat and your bowels more easily. Think about it as a natural inner lubricant. Has a car mechanic ever told you to change your oil regularly and never run the car when the oil is low? That’s because an insufficient amount of oil kills the engine instantaneously. And just as a car engine needs oil, we need water for our mechanisms to run smoothly.

Thanks to that the toxins and residues of food leave your body, as opposed to staying there, and making you feel heavy. Instead of collecting garbage inside you in a small dry ball, you give yourself a chance to, well, poop it all out. I have seen it with my own eyes!

This next paragraph may be a bit too descriptive for some, but I’m only writing about because I want to paint a really good picture so that you never forget to drink water again;)

A few words on my colon hydrotherapy 🙂

A few years back I wanted to lose a few kilograms and my colleague convinced me I should go for colon hydrotherapy. If you don’t know what it is, brace yourself. They stick a water pipe up your butt, fill your bowels with water and then you watch a huge aquarium that slowly gets filled with what used to reside inside you for years. Oh, the things that I’ve seen…:) Long story short, I was shocked by their amount.

Water enabled all those residues to finally move out out of my body.

If you’re wondering if I lost weight – the answer is no. It was just a quick cleanse, nothing more. I learned not to go for quick wins when it comes to weight loss.

Last but not least, imagine your throat and your bowels are completely dry. It is painful to even think about it, right? Remind yourself of this image from time to time and I guarantee it will encourage you to get up and drink a glass of water right away!

Water enables change

The second part of the “water makes things flow” statement is a bit more esoteric. It is connected to the energy that we store in our bodies.

Think about it this way: whenever you have any experience, it is followed by a feeling. And a feeling, like the name suggests, is FELT somewhere in your body. If you’re in love, you feel butterflies in your stomach. When you’re hungry, you can feel stomach pain or headache. If you’re stressed, your lower back aches and your neck feels stiff. Being tired from a long day with the computer makes your eyes get sore. Getting a bad news makes your stomach twist. I’m sure you’ve seen in a movie a husband getting news of his wife’s sudden death that made him instantly vomit. These are all ways to feel the reality in our bodies.

Water enables these feelings that we store in our body to move and eventually – hopefully find a way out, so that we don’t carry them inside to hurt us anymore. Most people don’t know how to get rid of feelings from our bodies, and they store them for years. That’s how you get chronic aches, diseases, excess weight. They are a result of years and years of storing negative energy inside you.

Super-simple tricks to drink more water and boost weight loss!

Water allows energy to circulate

Water allows energy to circulate. Without circulation, it gathers in confined places and causes a variety of health issues, including obesity. In your mind, connect water with flow and movement. Let’s see what happens to us when there is no movement.

People who are tied to a hospital bed experience muscle atrophy after merely a few days. Rehabilitation after a period of enforced rest – be it a stay at the hospital or a broken leg, always requires movement and goes towards more and more of it, until we reach full capabilities. When you skip rehab after having sprained an ankle, it stays weak and may lead to another sprain or chronic pains. The point is, to be healthy, we need to move and water is a carrier of movement.

Our bodies consist in 60% of water – you don’t want it to be still.

And what follows movement is a shift of energy. When nothing changes, we are stuck in a vicious circle. It can be a vicious circle of dieting and yo-yoing, or a vicious circle of choosing the wrong man as your partner – it doesn’t matter. As long as nothing changes, nothing changes 😉 So remember, water enables change.

Your organism may be collecting water

Excess weight in our bodies can either be “made of” fat or water (or both, naturally). I say “made of”, because your brain decides what it’s made of. If your brain needs a bigger body, it will generate fat, because that’s the easiest tissue to grow.

The main function of our brain is to keep us alive. And remember that we need water even more than we need food. So when our brain gets the idea that water is a scarce resource, it will start gathering reserves for the future. That’s one of the occasions when our excess weight comes from water. There are also other reasons to collect water, but I will write about them in another article. They have nothing to do with what you eat or drink.

How do feelings get stuck in our bodies?

Now, lets look at what feelings can be stuck in our bodies, causing us to be overweight. Excess weight, more often than not, is generated by feelings. Afterwards, keeping it is a pretty simple task. Unless you go on a diet or a strict exercise regime, making it harder for the brain to keep the weight. It will patiently wait until you’re tired of dieting and the prison of regimes, and then regain the weight. And add some more to it, to avoid the same weight-keeping fiasco in the future.

Imagine a woman who has been traumatized by sexual abuse of some kind as a child. She may grow a big body with a lot of fat in it for protection. So, the underlying emotion is fear. The fear causes the brain to gather fat in the body. Once you get rid of that fear and you start feeling safe, then you enable your body to lose the extra fat. Without enough water in your organism, it’s difficult to make any change to that fear.

There are hundreds of reasons, emotional reasons, that cause us to store fat or water in the body. Remember, that water makes it easier to disperse that negative energy and release the excess weight. I’m not saying water will cure you, don’t get me wrong. It is just one ingredient of effective, natural weight loss.

Water makes you feel full

I’m not a fan of this statement, as it suggests we drink instead of eating. That’s not what we’re going for here. Water fills your stomach and will make you feel full and so you can use water to eat less if you’re overeating. It will slow you down enough for the brain to retrieve the signal that you’re full from your stomach. This way you can learn to listen to your body and pace yourself without putting effort into it.

A small disclaimer to this rule: Do not use water as food replacement, it will not work. Use it to learn to listen to your body. Use it to learn that you can eat less and feel good, full and healthy. Use it with love and respect for your body. Drink a glass of water before a meal, not a gallon 😉

How much water should you drink for weight loss

I won’t be talking of cases when you drink too much water. It is possible to drink too much water, but that’s very rare and I don’t think you’re reading this article because you’re in that risk group.

So how much water do we need to drink? Do not go crazy, you don’t need to drink a gallon of water. The problem is that most people drink below 1 litre and that’s way too little.

Doctors around the world debate on this and so there is no one number that I can give you, but roughly sticking to a number between 1.5 – 2 litres (0.3-0.4) should be your goal. If you read somewhere that you should drink more – I won’t argue with that. This article is not about the number, it is to help you drink more water if you don’t drink enough.

The British government says we should drink 1.2 liters just to avoid dehydration. So that’s the bare minimum, not a healthy normal. Also depending on your lifestyle, what you eat, and the climate you live in, the numbers may differ. It is best to consult a nutritionist to find out exactly what amount you should drink. I bet different nutritionists will give you different numbers, too.

In any case, it seems that if you drink less than 1.2 liters of water, it’s not enough for weight loss and the whole reason I’m writing this article is that this is very often the case!

You don’t have to drink gallons of water for weight loss

You don’t have to drink gallons of water for weight loss. I would stick to a healthy normal. You may notice that you feel less inflated once you start to drink more water – observe your body, see what makes you feel good and lose inches and stick to that number.

It is always more important what your body reacts to than what generic numbers say!

1.2 liters is about 5 glasses (glasses have different capacity and you don’t fill them all the way to the top…).

Many people I talk to drink no fresh water, or only 2-3 glasses per day – way too little!

Before we go into how to make sure you remember you drink water for weight loss, let me also point out that as a rule of thumb:

  • A cup of coffee drank cancels out 1 cup of water. That means that if you drink 3 coffees per day, you should increase your water intake to 8 glasses. More or less.
  • Anything else than water has different qualities and cannot be counted as water. Soda doesn’t count as water. Fruit juices don’t count as water. They have water, but they also have sugar and other ingredients which may cause dehydration.

Hence, we are talking about pure water. If you don’t like water, I have a tip or two for you, too.

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How to drink more water

Let’s get down to my favorite part – tips for you! Do you forget to drink water? Or find it hard to force yourself to drink more? Or maybe you don’t like water? I have tips for all these issues that stop you from drinking enough water to boost weight loss.

1. Drink before dehydration

That doesn’t mean only drinking before and after a physical activity! There is a period in the day when we all stop drinking water for hours. Night time!

Drink a glass of water before going to bed. Or half a glass if you’re afraid your bladder will wake you up. Make it a habit to glance at your nightstand before going to bed and make sure there is a glass full of water there.

If you wake up at night, have a few sips of water. When you don’t have a glass of water next to you, you may decide to skip the trip to the kitchen in the middle of the night and become dehydrated. When the water is there by your side, it is easy to drink.

If you sleep with your mouth open, like me, it will feel dry and you will love to have that glass of water next to your bed. In the winter months, when heating is on, it is hard for me to even survive a night without water next to my bed. We get greatly dehydrated while we sleep, do not forget about that.

2. Drink after dehydration

Now the fun part – morning! Hopefully, you get 8 hours of sleep. That may mean 8 hours without water – ouch. That’s actually a great time of the day to replenish your fluids because it’s easy to remember about it in the morning.

You can aim to drink as much as a liter of water in the morning, before starting work. I cannot tell you how many times I wake up in the morning and the first thing I have to do is go to the kitchen for some water. Sometimes even before peeing! I can actually feel that the hydration. Check with yourself if you feel that too. Maybe you do, but haven’t been paying any attention to that feeling. It’s time to start paying attention.

It’s a good start of the day when you replenish yourself with what it is that you need. Create a trigger in your head that tells you to drink a glass of water when you first enter the kitchen in the morning. And then have another glass while eating breakfast. Coffee can wait.

Then before you go to work, have another glass of water.

What I also like to do is to put lemon juice from half a lemon into my morning water. The assets of lemon juice are endless;) It has antioxidants, it acidifies the organism which is healthy for you, and it decreases your appetite. I don’t feel hungry at all after I have a glass of water with lemon.

7 Surprising Things You Should Stop Doing NOW To Boost Weight Loss!

That have nothing to do with what you eat!

3. If you don’t like water

And that brings me to the third point, which is how to drink more water if you don’t like it. If you don’t like water, add some flavor to it. Do not exchange water for soda, and do not add juices or sugar. What I suggest you add is lemon juice (you may find you like water with A LOT of lemon juice much more than when it only has a few drops – go ahead and squeeze the whole lemon in it if you wish), mint and/or ginger. No sugar.

Tip: a variation on this is, for the colder months, you can make a hot drink that boosts your immune system and digestion:

  • 1 glass of water heated up to 80 degrees (more will kill the vitamins!)
  • juice from half a lemon
  • 1/4 teaspoon of grated ginger
  • 1 teaspoon of natural honey.

This drink is not the best for an empty stomach though (ginger can cause mild irritation), so you’ll want to keep it for after breakfast, or a nice evening or chilly afternoon.

The key here is to have the ingredients at home. Many times we don’t have them and that’s the reason for not following the plan. How to make sure you have them at home?

Mint – get a plant that grows and you will never run out of mint. It will also be a lovely addition to the kitchen!

Ginger and lemon – add them to your shopping list and keep them always there. I use ToDoist to share a shopping list with my partner and some positions are always there as reminders.

4. Feel good about drinking water

Hopefully you are now sold on water and will never forget about it again, but I want to spice things up a bit more.

We have a joke in Poland:

Two hobos are drinking vodka and watching as two elegant gentlemen enter a store and then appear back with two bottles of mineral water. As the gentlemen drink the water from the bottles, one hobo says to the other:

“Look Joe, they are drinking water! Just like animals!”

This joke compares water to a more potent drink, but I noticed that sometimes people think they don’t like water, because subconsciously for them it’s a poor man’s drink. There is a deeper reason for that, especially when I come from, but it may well have traveled to your part of the world: water and bread are considered what you eat and drink as a last resort – when you have nothing. It was served in concentration camps as a means of pure survival. Many people unknowingly connect water to something you drink when you don’t have other options – survival mode and your dignity being taken away from you.

That’s a very good reason for negative feelings towards water. There’s nothing wrong with this kind of thinking, but if it stands in your way of weight loss, it’s time for a change.

Change your relationship with water

Change how you think about water by considering the following:

  • Fresh water is a scarce resource and it may finish in a couple of decades
  • Fresh water in many places is inaccessible. It is a privilege to have it.
  • Fresh water is a gift – it doesn’t cost much, but it has all these capabilities that I spoke about!
  • Drinking fresh water is a way to show your body you respect it.

You can add a few more to that list, if you catch my drift. Fresh water isn’t as common as we like to think.

A few more tips

Another thing that you can do, is make that your water drink look fancy-shmancy. Add colors, drop in a fruit, mind, orange peel.

Add tose big ice cubes that make it look like a drink. And feel like a freakin’ queen when you’re drinking it!

You can also give water drink a name. Call it your waterita, watertini, cuba water and make it sound like fun!

Call it your waterita, watertini, cuba water and make it sound like fun!

Last thing, if you don’t like water, ask yourself why. It has no taste. Why do you hate it then? Is there any other reason than taste for hating it, a subconscious reason perhaps? You may want to sit down and be honest with yourself to find out why water, the most natural drink under the sun, is repelling to you. Is it possible to fix that relationship?

5. Prepare the right amount

My last tip: know how much you should drink and figure out how and when you can drink it, realistically. If you think you will never ba able to drink 6 glassess, then you will never drink them. You need to plan a success in advance. Start with those morning water treats I already mentioned in point 2.

And then, throughout the rest of the day, make sure you have a glass of water next to your computer, easily accessible.

Or carry around a reusable bottle pre-filled with water. And treat it as a marker of how much you still need to drink. You can fill a 1-litre bottle of water in the morning and set a goal to drink it all through the day. It will always be there reminding you that you need to drink.

Whether you work from home or at an office, you can create a trigger in your head, like I did:

  • any time I go to the kitchen, the first thing I will do is drink water.

My last tip here is to use BIGGER glasses! Any time I pour water into a small glass, I drink a small glass of water. Any time I pour it into a big glass, I drink a big glass of water. This sounds stupid-simple, but it works!

After a few weeks, it will become a habit to drink water and you won’t even have to pay attention to it. Creating those tiny little habits is essential for drinking more water.

Do you want to start setting your mind into weight loss mode TODAY? Download my 7 Surprising Things You Should Stop Doing NOW To Boost Weight Loss and put those simple, counterintuitive into action!

One last, important thing

Now, one more time I’m just going to underline it drinking water is essential not just for physical reasons, but mental reasons as well.

The last thing to consider is this. You might be subconsciously self-sabotaging your weight loss efforts if you don’t drink the amount of water that you’re supposed to drink. Self-sabotage is a very common reason for weight loss failure. In that case the way to drink more water is to find out why you don’t want to lose weight (because this is what it comes down to – on some level you don’t really want to lose the weight!) and work on that.

If you want to explore this topic deeper, I would love to help – this is something that I work with my clients on. Book a free call below:

7 Surprising Things You Should Stop Doing NOW To Boost Weight Loss!

That have nothing to do with what you eat!

Further reading

You can read more about the function water has in our organism at USGS.com.

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