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Why and how to do a social media detox when you’re stuck at weight loss

How can a social media detox help you lose weight?

Yay, social media detox is brilliant! And I will explain exactly how that works. Don’t take this lightly, because for many women who have soaked up the “diet culture”, a social media detox is absolutely necessary. So let’s dive into how social media is sabotaging your weight loss game!

And if you are afraid people will be offended when you unfollow them, I have put tips here on that as well.

Answer me this: where in your weight loss journey are you, right now?

Be honest with yourself, no one is watching. Aren’t you exactly where you were a couple of years ago? Because if this is the case, there’s one logical conclusion. All the weight loss and diet advice and cheerleading you’ll find on social media simply isn’t working! And it’s time for a change, for good this time.

But in order to unfollow those accounts without feeling guilty, you need to understand why this is crucial for your weight loss.  I’ve got you.

7 Surprising Things You Should Stop Doing NOW To Boost Weight Loss!

That have nothing to do with what you eat!

Successful weight loss is weight loss that lasts.

It is not a success at weight loss if you lose the extra pounds and gain them back in a few years. That’s a failure. Successful weight loss does not have a yo-yo effect. Whoa!

If you found this page, I’m assuming you’ve already tried to lose weight before and it didn’t really work, because the weight keeps coming back. Or won’t go down anymore. In any case – you are stuck and it’s driving you a tiny bit crazy.

The sad reality is that the likelihood of failing at losing weight and maintaining it is 95%. That means that almost everyone who loses weight, gains weight within 2 years. Many of those people gain even more weight than what they started with. Painfully familiar? There there, keep reading. 😉

So is this successful weight loss? No!
And what kind of advice do these people follow? It’s advice from diet and exercise evangelists.

The problem with diet and exercise is that it MIGHT work, but only when you are actively working on it, ALL the time!

It’s not sustainable and it’s costing you a ton of energy. Simply put, trying to diet and sweat off fat is counterproductive.

The second thing about diets and exercise, which is even more important than the first one, is that they do not eliminate the reason why you gained weight in the first place. So, your brain still thinks you need the weight. And because of that, it will do anything it can to yo-yo back to your old weight

That means all the struggle that you put into your weight loss, which could be: fasting and exercising, going to the gym four times a week sweating your ass off… Is ultimately wasting your time. And because your brain still thinks that you need extra weight, it’s going to find a way to get it back.

Let’s see what happens when you go on a diet or try and sweat the fat off. Because you are putting a lot of effort into it (in the beginning you have the energy, woohoo!), your brain allows you to do whatever you want. But then a moment in time comes when you lose energy, or get distracted. And the brain realizes: “Hang on, what’s going on here? Where’s all my precious fat going? I need it back!”. And you hit the infamous plateau. The weight won’t come off anymore.

Now that’s a drama. Your self-confidence drops, you lose motivation (why do something which does not yield results – smart) and the brain swooshes in, victorious. It starts meddling with your body in order to regain even more weight than you started with. You know, just in case the same crazy diet idea comes to your head again!

In a battle between the body and the mind, the mind ultimately always wins.

The mind has control over your body. Where does that bring us to? Successful weight loss is achieved by eliminating the reason for weight gain. And diets and exercise deal with the effect, not the root cause. It’s Sisyphus’s work.

So what are the reasons our brain decides to increase weight? There’s quite a multitude of them actually. Some of them come from current events, some of them stem from childhood, and others root in the family history. Some of them may come from limiting beliefs. You can read about limiting beliefs here: https://imdonewithdiets.com/5-limiting-beliefs-that-make-weight-loss-hard/.

So whom should you unfollow to enable weight loss in your body? 

For your own mental health, wellbeing, and to allow your weight to drop, I suggest you unfollow all people who say that weight loss requires effort.

Those people who tell you that if you’re not seeing results, it’s because you’re not trying hard enough. Those who tell you to stick to a strict diet, starve yourself or exercise every day (or almost every day) and post their sweaty photos in spandex. Which one of your friends does that?

Why is this important?

Firstly: for the reasons I already mentioned – if diets and exercise don’t work, stop looking at them. Make space for a new solution (like mine!).

Secondly: often, instead of motivating you, they make you subconsciously feel guilty that you are not putting that amount of effort into your own weight loss. So you blame yourself for lack of results. And that drains you of energy, decreases your self-confidence and makes it harder to lose weight.

And thirdly: even more importantly, when we treat weight loss like a struggle and tell ourselves to push harder, it makes it harder for us to lose weight! I explain this and a couple of other little known phenomena in this 2-pager: https://imdonewithdiets.com/7-things-download/.

A healthy, confident person will lose weight much more easily than someone who bathes in guilt and blame. The latter has very little or no chance of losing weight.

Any kind of guilt makes weight loss harder for us. So stay away from those people who make you feel guilty in any way.

And those are not necessarily only weight loss freaks. It may be a friend who fell in love with clean eating. Or a housewife ho keeps a super-tidy home and makes you feel like you’re not enough!

By the way, have you heard of orthorexia? It’s an eating disorder that involves an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating.

A rule of thumb I use: unfollow unhealthy behaviours.

Social media detox: click that unfollow button

The thing about unfollowing is that no one has to know. Social media platforms that I know do not notify when you get unfollowed by someone. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone – it is your sacred right, and duty, to select what you feed your brain with!

You don’t have to unfriend. It is enough to unfollow – those are often two different buttons. Unfriending is personal, it marks more of an end of a relationship. Unfollowing is protecting yourself from unhealthy “brain food”. I’m sure many people whom I have in my contacts have clicked the Unfollow button on me and I’m completely fine with that. So you be fine with unfollowing, too!

And let’s not stop just at weight loss. Actually I always unfollow people who:

  • are angry in their posts
  • try to aggravate other people
  • are displaying values I don’t agree with
  • spread negativity
  • post about how bad their situation is (it is okay to post once or twice and ask for help – but not to act like a victim!)
  • have a habit of posting ugly statistics (they are always one-sided and want to provoke fear and stress)
  • are sarcastic.

Before I started my personal growth journey, my timeline consisted of posts of all people on my friend’s list. I could easily look at it and ruin my mood for the whole day. That problem vanished immediately when I cleaned up my timeline.

Suddenly, the posts I saw were positive, energizing and motivating!

Suddenly, the posts I saw were positive, energizing and motivating. It was as if I was living in a different world. Magic 🙂

By doing a social media detox, you are protecting yourself and taking care of yourself.

Unfollowing people who make you feel inadequate is an act of self-love

Now, I hope this explains the benefits of a social media detox. And what you can do now is go to your social media feed and unfollow anybody whose posts make you feel any sort of discomfort, like anger, anxiety, fear, or guilt.

Any of these negative emotions make it harder for you to motivate yourself to lose weight.

By the way, you don’t need motivation, but that’s a different topic. 🙂

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