Client testimonials for  Alex Tomaszewska

Happy in a bikini in just a few weeks!

Mously (doctor)

Results after just 2-8  weeks


I have reached my goals

"I feel good in my body and have reached my goals.
I don't think about food, I noticed I eat more slowly, and I don't overeat.
I have stopped caring about my weight and I feel very relaxed."

Best coach I ever had

“I hadn't been able to find someone able to work with me for YEARS.
Alex is amazing!
She is the best coach I ever had!”

My insuline is back to normal

"I feel more mellow and relaxed!
Also, my insuline levels have normalized and the doctors took me off their watch list!"

My pants are loose!

"I put on the pants the used to be snug and now they are loose - I lost a couple centimeters in the things!"

I don't even think about food

“I noticed I am eating more slowly. I can leave food on the plate. I feel very good and happy!
For the first time in a very long time, I don’t feel bloated. I don’t even think about food.”

Quantum level healing to weight loss

"Alex was very intuitive and concise. I found that her advice was spot on. Felt an instant connection and felt extremely care for and supported. If you're ready for deep and lasting insight and transformation, I highly recommend Alex and her unconventional view yet quantum level healing to weight loss."​
Nicoleta review

From self-loathing, to becoming in control of her body and wellbeing!

Courtney (coach)

Thida testimonial
Shelley testimonial
Jane testimonial
Diana testimonial

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