From size 8/10 to 4/6 in a few weeks

Mously (MD, coach)

What my clients say after only 2-8 weeks

I feel more mellow and relaxed!

Also, my insuline levels have normalized and the doctors took me off their watch list!

“I stopped focusing on food, it’s like I’ve forgotten about it.”

“I hadn’t been able to find someone able to work with me for YEARS.
Alex is amazing!
She is the best coach I ever had!”

“I noticed I am eating more slowly. I can leave food on the plate. I feel very good and happy!

For the first time in a very long time, I don’t feel bloated. I don’t even think about food.”

“I put on the pants the used to be snug and now they are loose – I lost a couple centimeters in the things. My boobs are smaller, too!”​

“I bought a bikini for the first time EVER! It felt so good in it I even wore it at home! I am more relaxed and I actually forget about food. “

“I feel good in my body and have reached my goals.

I don’t think about food, I noticed I eat more slowly and I don’t overeat.

I have stopped caring about my weight and I feel very relaxed.”


From habits which led to self-loathing
to becoming in control of her body and wellbeing

Courtney (coach)

3 Psychobiological Reasons Why We Gain Weight In Lockdown

They go a mile deeper than food and exercise.