My mission

My mission is to help ambitious women look and feel fabulous for the rest of their lives.

I believe that the body is a creation of the mind.

– Alex Tomaszewska

Transformational experiences

Mind The Fat program

Mind The Fat

Tailored and absolutely unique – my 1:1 experiences for successful women ready to take off their fat suit and leap into the next level in health, business and relationships.

Experiences last 8 weeks and more.

Steps to freedom

Fall In Love

Do you hate your body, your thighs and your reflection? And feel like you will never be happy as long as you don’t lose weight?


In just 3 weeks you will feel deep love for your body and start feeling happy and never again hate any part of yourself. You will gain secret knowledge which will allow you to make better decisions and healthier choices with ease. You will feel in control of your body and health like never before.

1,796 USD, 3-weeks 1:1 coaching

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Blossom sessions

flower blossoming

Blossom Session

Feeling stuck in weight loss or tangled in health issues?

Discover the root cause of your issues and learn what to work on and how to move forward QUICKLY.

Price: 697 USD (pay on the call using a credit card via Stripe) – it will take us 60-75 minutes.

flower blossoming

Blossom 2x2 Hours

2×2 hours spent on untangling your weight or health stories, designed specifically for you by me. We look at your issues, release heavy stories and create a tangible, easy to follow plan for you to continue

Price: 2,077 USD – schedule a short call to discuss what you wish to achieve.

Blossom Session Testimonials

Jane testimonial

Best coach I ever had

“I hadn't been able to find someone able to work with me for YEARS.
Alex is amazing!
She is the best coach I ever had!”

In 20 minutes my whole outlook on weight loss changed!

"We only spoke briefly, but Alex was able to turn my whole idea about weight loss upside down.
She identified words which were causing me to retain weight and have introduced tiny, but meaningful changes in how I think ever since our session.
Just understanding why I had weight issues was a huge shift for me."

I lost 3 pounds in a week without even changing anything

"I only wanted to lose 5-7 pounds which I felt stuck with.
I had a 30-minute conversation with Alex last week and I somehow lost 3 pounds since then. Even though I haven't changed anything!"
Laylan testimonial
Eugenia testimonial
Thida testimonial
Anai testimonial

Quantum level healing to weight loss

"Alex was very intuitive and concise. I found that her advice was spot on. Felt an instant connection and felt extremely care for and supported. If you're ready for deep and lasting insight and transformation, I highly recommend Alex and her unconventional view yet quantum level healing to weight loss."​
Diana testimonial
Shelley testimonial

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3 Psychobiological Reasons Why We Gain Weight In Lockdown

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