My mission

My mission is to help women create Flow and Bliss in their lives, by dissolving their old DNA patterns.


– Alex Tomaszewska

What I can help you achieve

Explode your business growth

Create anything that pops into your mind without hesitation by untangling DNA patterns which tie you down.

Talk, think and feel like a the most successful woman on earth to fast forward your extraordinary future!

Become the leader of your life

Untangle your roots to build natural confidence Become naturally confident and powerful, say what you mean without worrying what others will think. Shed your old skin of attention and applause seeker and  simply be YOU.

Consciously create your new life according to your own rules and become the leader in your own life!

Heal your body!

Dissolve the DNA which created diseases and excess weight in your body. Release the weight and see your fat melt away without diets & gym.
Ease your PMS, your menopause and heal chronic conditions using the power of untangling your DNA roots!

Find happiness and inner peace

Happiness is a state of mind, and you can achieve it in a matter of weeks. No more hustling, anxiety, running in circles.

Become the master of your time, increase the quality of your relationships and life and enjoy every moment of the wonderful journey called LIFE.

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